Super Saturday will be held on November 12th.
The Wooden Trees and 3D star money is due Oct. 27th.
Everything else is due by Nov. 3rd.
If there are less than 4 people signed up on any project that project will be dropped due to lack of interest.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest Updated

Hello Sisters,

     If any of you are interested in the 3D star or the three trees please let me know. This Thursday is when the money is due for them So that I can turn in our order and have it ready by Super Saturday.
     All the rest of the items for Super Saturday the money is due Nov. 3rd. I will be confirming each order by e-mail so please check your e-mail often. Please look for this e-mail address in your Junk mail or Inbox rkrulisky at msn dot com If you have not heard from me by Monday of next week and you have placed an order through the packets or blog please call me.
     We do have some free activities available if you are interested. We have a nativity block (displayed last week on the table) a boredom buster book you can put together for your family and the accessory exchange for those of you that are tired of what you have got. Bring the items that you want exchange the day of Super Saturday.
     Last but not least we will be breaking for lunch at noon. We are looking for sisters to be able to bring a casserole dish or salad to share. Please let us know if you are will to bring something.

We are so excited to be able to hang out with you.

Thank You,
Sis. Autumn Krulisky

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