Super Saturday will be held on November 12th.
The Wooden Trees and 3D star money is due Oct. 27th.
Everything else is due by Nov. 3rd.
If there are less than 4 people signed up on any project that project will be dropped due to lack of interest.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest Updated

Hello Sisters,

     If any of you are interested in the 3D star or the three trees please let me know. This Thursday is when the money is due for them So that I can turn in our order and have it ready by Super Saturday.
     All the rest of the items for Super Saturday the money is due Nov. 3rd. I will be confirming each order by e-mail so please check your e-mail often. Please look for this e-mail address in your Junk mail or Inbox rkrulisky at msn dot com If you have not heard from me by Monday of next week and you have placed an order through the packets or blog please call me.
     We do have some free activities available if you are interested. We have a nativity block (displayed last week on the table) a boredom buster book you can put together for your family and the accessory exchange for those of you that are tired of what you have got. Bring the items that you want exchange the day of Super Saturday.
     Last but not least we will be breaking for lunch at noon. We are looking for sisters to be able to bring a casserole dish or salad to share. Please let us know if you are will to bring something.

We are so excited to be able to hang out with you.

Thank You,
Sis. Autumn Krulisky

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wall Hanging

Christmas Pillow

Due to file  image is sideways.  Sorry.

Glass Etching

Due to file image is sideways. Sorry. :(

Soap Making

For those interested in this project please view the following files.
Hand Cleaner and Lotion
Supplies for Soap Making

Art Display for your Home.

$4.06 -includes 1 clothes pin per foot and molding in four foot sections. 
For this project we will be using clothes pins to glue on the molding strip.  If white does not work with your home decor please specify what color you need or bring your own paint.  
*Note:  Price on sign up sheet is incorrect.

Flower Pillow

Pillow Forms
14x14 = $4.99
16x16 = $6.99
1 piece of felt (makes one flower) = $1.29 each.
Fabric:  $3.99 yrd (will make more than one pillow) or can split it with another sister.

Fabrics to choose from.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Cost:  4.75

Friday, October 7, 2011

Wooden Christmas Trees

 Cost:  $4.75 each.
Each tree comes with a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper, paint and glue.

Embossed Candles

You can bring your own candles and stamps if you don't like the ones displayed.
$3.00 small candle
$5.00 large candle
$8.00 for set of both white candles
$1.00 for supplies if you bring your own candles
Note:  If you bring your own  candle and it is colored you take the risk of having tissue paper show a little.

Knotted Hair Band

The following Materials will be supplied.  
Yarn (100% cotton for a crisp look, acrylic for a softer look)
Size H or J hook
Ribbon (approximately 1/2 inch wide)
Hot Glue Gun

This project costs $1.50 or $4.00 depending upon whether or not we need to purchase the hooks.   If you have hooks that you are willing to let us borrow please call Autumn Krulisky.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Messenger Bag

You can get the free pattern by clicking here.
There is some fabric available for sisters to use on a first come first serve basis. 
Please speak to Autumn if you have any questions.

Buttercup Bag

You can get the pattern for this bag by clicking here.
There is some fabric available for sisters to use on a first come first serve basis. 
Please speak to Autumn if you have any questions.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flip Books

These flip books are perfect to help keep little ones quiet during Sacrament meeting and they are great teaching aids.

We are offering 11 different books.
More information on Flip Books.

Junior Gospel ABC's Flip Book

Cost:  3.70 or 4.51 (depending upon the orders we receive). 
This includes photo holder.

Prophets & Apostles Flip Book

Cost:    This book is $3.00 or $3.61 depending on the orders.
Includes photo holder.

The Life Events of Jesus Christ


Cost:  $3.50 or $4.25 depending upon the number of orders.
Includes photo holder.

The other books that we are offering are...

  • Personalized Gospel ABC's book (this will be displayed at church) This book has D is for daddy, F is for Family, M is for mommy. Erin Freeman is willing to let those that are interested in this book e-mail her their family pictures so they can be printed out.

  • "We Believe" 20 pages  $3.00 or $3.61

  • "Articles of Faith" 14 pages  $2.40 or $2.82

  • "Baptism Book" 27 pages $3.70 or $4.51

  • "Book of Mormon" 26 pages $3.60 or $4.38...Lehi, Lehi Fleeing, Lehi's Dream, Liahona, Nephi, Promised Land, Enos Praying, Mormon Abrighing, King Banjamin, Abinadi, Alma Baptizes, Abinadi, Alma the Younger Conversion, Ammon, Anti Nephi Lehis, Captin Moroni Title of Liberty, Two thousand Young Warriors, Sammuel the Lamanite, Jesus appears to the Nephites, Jesus Teaching Western Hemisphere, Jesus Healed The Nephites, Jesus Blessing the Children, Jesus with Three Nephites, Brother of Jared, Mormon Bids Farwell, Mormon Buries the Plates